The new idea : story mod

Hello . I came back with a new idea. Story Mode.
At this stage you can. Experience the different story stages that are created (by game developers or users). The number of waves can be adjusted from 1 to 120. The bosses are either in the game or will be made from the idea of ​​friends.
If you like it, like the post And in this comment, write in the poll:

  • this is perfect !
  • this is good .
  • not bad.
  • is EH
  • Awful!

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But my work is not over yet. The subject that I thought about a lot is the specific place. That :

  1. in the profile section, there is a complete list of the latest stages of story mode.

    (The logo is in the form of a book at the bottom right.)

    In the picture above, there are all the stages of the story mode (similar to the list of people who are playing in the multiplayer section.)

  2. In the game page section:

    (The left is in the middle of emails and messages and the Galactic Store.)
    It also opens the multiplayer list style like the first one.

  3. In the SMS section:

    Chip side between iron man competition and space race. Posted weekly by users or game developers. It can be said that both will be sent. (For example: the squid stage of the game is made by the users and another stage is made by the builder. (When you click, it shows signs.) Or you want to put the challenge steps of both in a text message. The step will be created by the developers and users every week.

Now, some people have come up with the idea to respond to this poll again:

Which of the following options do you choose?
  • Option 1: In the profile section
  • Option 1: on the game page
  • Option 3: In the SMS section.

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Thank you for being with us until the end and reading.

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So basically a custom Chicken Invaders Sandbox?


isn’t this just the same as the mission editor


In a way …
If you want to make an idea of ​​your chicken and bosses. Here is a section called: chicken invaders programming or “PCI”.But you have to learn later.



Okay so a few things about this:
1.So you want free CI episodes?
2. This is a multiplayer game and this might defeat the purpose of having multiplayer w
3. Can this support multiplayer or not?

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Perhaps . Because we need new stories.

Of course . it’s true .

Yes it can.

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