The new boss: Card Chickenian

Guys i hope this is original. Anyway the boss, Card Chickenian, this is a big-chicken boss type. It has 25% zoom out and will drop weapon box for each 25% being taken down. Here’s its attack:

The first attack (also when appear) is Teleporting Card, the boss throws a card (cannot kill player) to a specific spot (it will have danger zone warning around it). After 3 seconds, the boss teleport to that and will kill player if they are in the danger zone without taking the hit damage. He will throw 3 (can be increased to 5 with difficulty, one by one) for each attack.

The second attack is Card Spawner, the boss throws different cards into random places near it and spawn different kind of the enemy (work like enemy spawned by egg city or egg cannon). The enemy is depended on the difficulty (yes it can be chickenaut), he will throw from 5 to 8 cards (each 25% will increase the card to 1). The boss won’t continue attacking until you killed all the chicken or after 45 seconds.

The third attack is Card Laser Net, the boss throws 5 cards (can be increased to 8 depending on the difficulty) that can fire laser straight line after 3,5 seconds, after each shot it will change the direction it shoots (horizotal, diaginal). It will shoot 3 times. For each 25% being taken down, it will attack 0,25 seconds faster.

And the fourth attack is Deadly Destroyer Card, the boss throws one giant card to the ship, after hitting the screen it will split into 3 more cards, and then split into 3 more card before being destroyed (the card can be targeted but it will split), for each time it splits it will have the chance of spawning chickens (10% of spawning elite chicken, 15% of spawning basic chicken).
All the attack will be deployed seperately


Does the attacks warns you?

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The laser and teleport does, the destroyer card doesn’t. Also the card spawner cannot kill you


Imagine when he throw UNO reverse card…

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Not a bad idea, but what’s with the 1. at the top?
Also you should put each attack as a list item. Would make this way easier to read.

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Can you fix this to english?

done, also i intended to post this in the afternoon but only 1 topic for each 24 hours so i copy and paste it to my discord, after that i did the same to this, that’s why it is weird

Also, can you describe the boss’s appearance

the card spawner attack, the boss will throw one card in the middle of the screen, and then continue its attack

Idea is Original, so it will have a higher chance of getting into the game

Hope it will, tho idk how iA would think about this, and other professional players too

No, I meant, how will the boss look like, wearing hat, cape and a hand(wing) hold cards?

I’m suck at drawing so i will try to say it:
He is a big chicken, have the same size as special force. He wear a chessboard hat (black and white mixed), a purple suit with sprinkle glowing, his leg wear a pair of brown shoes, and the wing has card and look like the card is stuck to his wing

that would be ass

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(đã chỉnh sửa)

November 29, 2021

i do this in order to keep the topic lmao

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Well saved it again >:) (reason: i will try to draw it and its attacks)

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oh thanks you so much. I almost forgor about this. Was going to create another boss idea btw

so i have downloaded the GIMP drawing software, i will try replicate your attacks using drawing (Note: i am still a noob at drawing so i will try.)

So before i make the boss design. What boss theme will fit to this boss

  • CI3
  • CI4
  • CI5
  • Magic Styled (Custom)
  • Do something like Magnetic manipulator (Theme from waves)

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