The Moon Missions Idea

Something that randomly popped into my head for whatever reason is something to do with the moon, and then I thought “what if chicken invaders had some moon type missions” and then I opened up photoshop and made the concept that won’t leave my head for some reason.

What you see here is muller being close to a moon, and basically much like the debris stages from CI4, you move either to the left or right, you get attacked by a bunch of chicken and I don’t know maybe they could have their own boss fight but you guys decide for that one.

Depending on where that moon is, it could also have a planet view on that very planet it’s rotating around, on here it’s earth because duh the sprites are from sonic advance.

I’m terrible at coming up with ideas so I hope this one is decent.


this is good and suitable idea i want moon missions please!

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: ] very very very very…good

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I have an even better idea:
Mars Missions.

I have an even better idea:
Planetary missions. (Already Suggested Intensifies)


“Sorry, but another living being on the Internet have shared this suggestion before you did”


No they didn’t.

Wasn’t telling you.

Oh okay sorry.

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