The medal of VICTORY

How about a medal that requires you to fly ALL the missions in the galaxy

That would be too much and it would be another one of those “congratulations, you have no life” medals

I kind of wonder who currently is the closest to reaching this though. At the moment I have 7% of all missions completed (around 1300?)


I mean, the idea is not bad, but it would be OUTRAGEOUS to obtain.
It would be cool to have, but at that point you’d be burnt out on Chicken Invaders for 27 years.

But it is bad. You even said yourself that it would be outrageous. So what more do you need to consider this idea as bad?

Outrageous does not equal bad.
It would vary from case to case, but a generalistic idea of it would be something like achieving the near-impossible.
I respect if you consider the idea bad, but I do not.
I do not know how can this be expanded to a further extend for a conversation, so I’ll stop here.


believe im crazy i would complete all mission to get that.

Top recruit currently has 6600 missions flown (6200 unique)


This medal is awarded if you fly all missions, not if you win them.

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