The Magic Chicken 🪄

Hello guys, today I’ll show you my idea, it’s a new boss with new mechanics (some of them were inspired by ThunderCluck).

This Chicken is very powerful, it can spawn rabbits and chicks out of nowhere! It has low HP but can heal itself easily so you must be very quick, it can make multiple fake clones of itself to confuse you, and it has a full army of rabbits, they’ll shoot carrots at you so becareful.


  1. The magic chicken can use some spells to shoot some projectiles at you. (iA can use Pollon Projectiles from The Heart of Darkness Boss)
  2. Can use it’s magic stick to hit you. (:magic_wand:)
  3. It has the ability to spawn rabbits and chicks, rabbits may throw carrots at you to slow you down.
  4. When the healthbar reach 25%, it’ll start to use some spells to slightly heal itself.
  5. The ability to make fake clones to confuse you (in 75%).

Entry Animation
As any new boss, The magic chicken will have a special entry animation.

  1. A magic hat will appear on a table. (at the bottom of the screen)
  2. The magic hat will spawn 2 rabbits with 2 boxes.
  3. These rabbits will put these boxes on top of each other.
  4. The Magic Chicken will come from these boxes, and you will hear a claps and encouragement for the chicken for [4 or 3 seconds] (the chicken’s hitbox will not work during this time).
  5. after 4 seconds the Magic Hat will fly with wings to the Magic Chicken.

Weak Points
You’ll have to hit the Magic Hat first then the Stick then finally the chicken.

Just a simple idea for a new boss

Hope you liked it!


Usually a bad idea because an h&c at low power simply won’t be able to hit it enough.

Well of course weak spaceships get some free charity right?

At least it needs 7 charity and appears at 70% diff

7 charity is 1 less than a full upgrade level of a weapon. Charity also doesn’t drop much if the wave number is too low to encourage upgrading the weapon.

Ok buy a better spacecraft i think… This boss is not very hard anyway, it’ll appear in missions with 50% difficulty and higher, beginners with low upgrades or spacecrafts can just ignore this type of missions until they get better at the game, right?

“Buy a better spacecraft” doesn’t sound like a solution.

I said more than “Buy a better spacecraft” bro


Good idea!,Kapet!

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