The lord chicken

Chicken will be protected by some of the faces and will know around it ended Lymton and little and speed changed Chicks will be released eggs king As in the picture Egg when hatches will come out a small chicken will come out Some knives can break the knives As for the big chicken will come out a large sword to follow you but not breaking but slow


Please, hide some pictures under spoilers to make the post much shorter. About idea: good, but can be better. Needs something unusual.

I know that this is not relevant to the topic but how i can hide as spoilers?

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:gear: and “Hide details” option.


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Ummm…Punctuätion, pleaſe?
The idea is good, but not ſtellar. As in, its addition would add variëty, but it’ll likely never have the legendary ſtatus of the Yolk Star.