The Large Banner

Look at this stupid banner. It hides some of the planets on the map.
Zoom resolves the problem though but still resizing the banner would be a great favor.

  • Remove the banner
  • Add a close button
  • Remove permanently
  • Make transparent

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i think that if there was an option to close the banner that would work the best

That should be fine too

i guess it should be semi-transparent

You’re miſſing an option: Leave it as it is.
The point of it is to watermark any recordings/ſcreenſhots ſo that people know that it’s early acceſs.

It would alſo fail to fulfill its purpoſe.


Where is “Press F for unwanted_intruder because everyone except him know why IA can’t delete this banner” variant?

hey pumpkinBoi can’t you even read?

Enough of your madness. if you must ban, so be it

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Nobody asked you for advice RussianCat

Dammit.He’s back.

Your worst Nightmare

A dream come true…

@anon94538988 I just have one nice little picture for you, kind gentleman.

Of what?


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you’ll get suspended if you keep treating us like that

His name’s RoboCat.

IA undoubtedly already ſent him ſeveral warnings.

and the silence was their final one