The ''it's a bird'' super chick should be buffed

It’s very easy to kill. I think it should have more health or attack faster

I think you underestimated the boss

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I d not, I can kill it in mere seconds and it hardly proves a challenge

I think you played on easy missions

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I can kill it with no problems on any mission

Play double team and meet him


Very fun :))

This is personal opinion here, but the Double team’s superchicken is harder even when fought solo compared to the normal superchicken, this is because of the larger bullet sizes in relation to the screen zoom as well as the faster movement speed of the superchicken in double team in relation of the screen zoom. The normal superchicken boss fight has a 200% zoom if I’m not wrong, meanwhile the double team boss has a 120% zoom if I’m not wrong.


He’ll be slower in the next update because of 40% size increase if I’m correct.

iA didn’t say anything about its speed though

He’s slower at normal battle because he’s huge, at Double Team he’s tiny so he’s crazy fast, I asked b4 about that and someone said yes(I could be wrong though).

Cattle at boss rush, bull at double team.

I also think that you underestimated the boss there
from 100% and above it shoots the super beam almost instantly, and is also kinda fast. Red Guanos are also problematic if you are close to Super Chick

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