The idea of a daily mission

Will the Daily Mission be limited to weapons training and daily mission only? I have a new idea. If the daily mission is in a specific life, How long to survive in one, two and three lives Survival in certain life. Maybe it will be fun.


Its wave will continue till the end of a certain life. As such this mission will be with only one life, until the plane crashes. If the specified life is over, the player will no longer be able to play. If life does not end, the player can play as long as he wants. Players who survive for a long time will be able to earn more points.

Life and difficult

There may be a specific live such as one or two or three in each mission. However the difficulty will be 0-33% in easy mission and 34% -67% in intermediate mission and 67% -100% in hard mission.

Some benefits of this mission.

Playing this machine may extend our survival time, especially for beginner players. If Mission may take longer to play, so be it AI can give this mission twice a week if you like.

Maybe this idea is not a very good one. Anyway.

  • I want this mission
  • Not very good idea

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Mind if you eksplain it clearer? because i dont understand that word, Anyway its a good idea for a newcomer. (I think.)

its already suggested a lot of times New Mission Type: Survival. Tho it is a good idea but i don’t the dev would make such a mission before the final release cause its a long process as he would need to include every single wave and use the “While” or “for” loop so that the process will keep repeating ( casue its endless ).

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I think InterAction has enough programming experience to know how to use a while loop. :wink:


Oh! idk it’s already suggested a lot of time.

IA knows a lot more than that. I meant to say he doesn’t have enought time now to make an endless mission…

I don’t think IA is looking at the new idea topic

He is looking, he is just have to think first whether is it good/bad, possible/not that idea is. And usualy he is reply it late. So one word: Patience


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