The hero's home

I have seen again the Chicken Invaders Universe - Teaser 1, and I discovered where is the hero’s home. Yes, I know he lives in Earth, Solar System, Centaur, Milky Way, but, in the teaser I can see he lives in Hyperochus, Tyche, in a Space Burger orbiting Gamma Hyperochus. I mean, we could find it on the game, I’m not sure, but it’s possible.


I can’t see the Solar System in the game. Where is it ?

But that’s not the hero. It’s a generic recruit with the M404-PI.

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Welcome home Hero - ‘‘The heroes academy’’

the solar system ceased to exist

I don’t know, but somewhere has to be. Here there are two screenshots of the video:

Also there’s a CI5 background. @InterAction_studios What about using every background from the previous update in the galaxy exploration. Paralax CI3,CI4,CI2 or CI1 will be interesting. I already seen the CI5 background zooming.

I have noticed something:


The background. They’re different

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I talk about different thing.

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The galaxy in the teaser is completely different. It was regenerated.

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So it is a different galaxy for Chicken Invaders? We have now 13 galaxies!
Here is the list:
Milky WayForeign GalaxyRetro GalaxySpace Burger GalaxySupernova Galaxy • First Unnamed Galaxy • Second Unnamed Galaxy • CFHQS J2329-0301 • IC 1101 • NGC 2770 • UDFy-38135539 • Centaurus A • Andromeda Galaxy