The game is a fudging troll

So, while i was doing cup knockout mission, the game was keep disconnecting me with error “Other side is unresponsive” and so WHAT?! The game thought i cheated, and it disqualified me from rewards and leaderboards, EVEN THO IT’S DISCONNECTED ME IN FRONT OF A MISSION. So, i can call it, i quit.

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Firstly, ok, see you after another year.
Secondly, the game did not think that you have cheated. It disqualifies any player who disconnected more than twice. Even if the user has been disconnected due to a network error or an in-game purchase (CHL, keys pack). Simply because the server physically can’t know whether you have been disconnected due to an error or due to an exploit abuse.


OOOH, i got it. Also, i was joking about “i quit”. But next time, maybe i will try for it to not happen anymore. I like playing Galactic Cup knockout missions, cuz they are exciting! :slight_smile:

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  1. Unplug LAN/Turn off wifi.
  2. Profit.

Well tbh i don’t think you’d have beaten neonep either way

I’ve still would lose to him, since i had like 40,898,396 points, while he had 45,004,204 points. But still, i ain’t giving up on next Galactic Cups. I need da keys (but i ain’t playing Ironman Competitions, since how hard they are.)

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