The Damage

I found that ion blast is too weak compared to other weapons, even those bullets are shot to a chicken. I think it’ll be more equity when CIU improve that. (Sorry for my bad English)

Yup, you’re abſolutely correct. Actuälly, the weapons are all unbalanced at preſent. There have been ſeveral ſuggeſtions to improve this, the beſt thought out beïng 1galbatorix1’s CIU weapon balance programme (prepare yourſelf for a long read), which recommends reworking moſt/all of the weapons, and InterAction’s own automatic balancing propoſition, which would dynamically balance weapons by routinely increaſing/decreaſing their damage baſed on their popularity which would eventuälly reſult in the damages ſettling down to a much better balance.

There have been a few other ideas, but theſe are the two recent ones and the ones that have been beſt thought through.

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