The Chickepedia(TM)

One thing that I really miss from the other CI games is the humour. It’s here and there throughout CIU, but I feel it is a bit lacking.
Also, I’m often interested in how the particular enemies and bosses work, and there isn’t a resource for it in game.

And as the answer to both questions: The Chickepedia™.
I imagine it as something akin to the Almanac from Plants vs Zombies, where it has a short funny description of the enemy, it’s health, strengths and weaknesses, et cetera. I love having little things to read in games like this, and I really feel like it’d add some more charm to an already charming game.

Obviously you’d unlock the logs as you meet the chickens, maybe the weapon weaknesses only show if you’ve attacked the enemy with it before.
It doesn’t have to be exactly like I’m describing, but a resource in game for information on the enemies is basically what The Chickepedia™ is.

you’re suggesting something that was already planned like 5 years ago and no progress was made toward it

There is chickopedia instead of checkpedia

But it look a cool idea

Already suggested AND denied
Even when I suggested it there was an argument :sweat_smile:

Provide an exact quote.


No progress huh…

Honestly it’s not too surprising, I guess people would prefer just more content, and the descriptions and entries would make later updates take longer. But I think it would add a lot to the game, hopefully Mr. Interaction tries it again.

The thing is, chickopedia would still classify as new content. Problem is CIU is f*ng slow to get new content. We only JUST got a ONE new boss 5 months (CIU exit EA in February?) after game release.

It wouldn’t take that much time. IA makes a format for this data and he can even use already made chickopedia entries from existing topic (there was one where users could post their own).
Again, problem is that CIU doesn’t have a set goal and no roadmap. It’s a game as a service and roadmap is a bare necessity to keep players engaged. Also thanks to being always online CIU has wasted few months working on anticheat that only recently stopped being worked on.

it’s a one-person team working on the game, so I think the updates are fast in consideration of that. There are games I’m waiting years for updates.

Yeah, YOU think that. I am here “regularly” since version 1.

Development was lightning fast in early days. And there are facts to prove that. I literally made a topic where I classified updates as major or minor additions: Reworking of CIU versioning
Maybe I should return to it to see how many major updates were in these 33 since then, but I don’t know if I want to.

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Well, perhaps there’s a reason to that. Like IA was focusing on CIU more then and has other commitments now. Or meta-commitments like the platform compatibility and sales deals.

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