The chicken reinforcement


that chicken will one shoot a single hook on rope to grab you , the hook itself cant do any damage but the chicken will you into it and you will die but can prevent this from happen by killing the chicken
its has 300 health

tải xuống (3)
the barrier dont change color when its gets damaged but will have a health bar like the gatling chick
the barrier have 4000 health


to play soccer
they all have 100 health
the chicken will have 300 health
when you kill it , the conga drum will fall like the saucer chicken’s saucer disc
the drum will have the same health as the saucer disc (1400 health point)

tải xuống (4)

this chicken will dive direct at you then explode,
they have 250 health
and no will to live

i made all of this in scratch


The grapple chicken does have a promising mechanic but it poses too much of a challenge when it comes to gameplay balance.

The hologram barrier doesn’t provide any real gameplay variation from current barriers, the only changes that this barrier has are a change in health and cosmetics.

I assume that the nation chickens pass footballs to each other like those chickens from Let the games begin and Bend it like Beckhen. If this is the case, their unique can be muted when they’re adjacent to each other as they can’t use their footballs to strike the player. If they just target the location of the player like a Metal suit chicken or UFO chicken, well that just makes it a derivative clone of them only with projectiles that can be destroyed by regular weapons.

The CON GÀ VỚI CONGA chicken as you say it is too similar to the existing UFO chickens, they just don’t spawn a chicken when the UFO is disabled and they don’t fire projectiles at your ship’s location.

The suicidal bomber chicken are just reskinned grenades that straight up target your location.

Overall I’d say, this isn’t the worst attempt for an idea and I will cut some slack off for this being your first idea but come on, you can think of better ideas than these.

Best regards.

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well its my first day to be honest, thank you for your opinion now i re-B I G B R A I N’ed that is very true
and i will try improve on the ideas thingy

idk if you notice the “CON GÀ VỚI CONGA” is a joke about the language i speak ( vietnamese )
con gà (big boi chicken) sound similar to the conga drum that’s pretty much it

but still think suicidal bomber chicken is a great idea since they just want to die and my idea of the nation chicken is they gonna go up and down from the sides and pass the soccer ball so you have to dodge


Thanks for clarifying the reference that I didn’t get on the conga drum chicken as well as the behavior of the nation chickens. This does mean that nation chickens are banned from waves such as Omnidirectional Onslaught, Terminator chickens, Look in all directions, Marching on, Cardinality of four, To infinity and beyond and other such waves where gameplay balancing with these nation chickens is too difficult and even impossible.

I’d be alright with these as “skins” for the two current soccer waves, although idk if iA wants real-world references like country flags in CIU or not.

Most of the other ideas are pretty similar to in game stuff already, unfortunately.

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the best thing that is similar but not it like my conga drum chicken , its legit just a saucer chicken that cannot shoot with less health

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