The Chicken-Constructed Testing Target revenge [boss]


Used: bigjpg => Python’s AI site


It should have some scratches and broken parts as chickens exploded death star. (Wave 1 of 2 [1/6], what?)

Good, except we already have the Yolk Star. Another Death Star- baſed boſs is really unneeded. I like the chicken/gatling gun combo, but I think the platform ſhould be different. Alſo, it ſeems too ſmall to be difficult; there’s too much ſpace to manoeuvre.

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Doesn’t make sense lore wise for them being completely obliterated by the chickens only to join them.

About “hole” it will be special mechanic, because that hole can rotate around its axis

If we’re to trust the wiki, it was actually built by chickens to test the Egg Cannon.

Still wouldn’t make much sense for it to be added as a boss.

I just give idea… It’s my idea, IA will not add this thing, it not make me sad

That’s wierd…where did they get that information? I’m guessing the game files. Always thought it was “NOT Death Star” getting destroyed.
EDIT: Apperantly it is called DeathStar in the files. Perhaps I just dont remember the cutscene lol.

What about a training mode. Theres gifts at left of the screen and its damage multiple 10x every time its killed and main is 10,000. Also there will be a training menu for training type. There will be moving chickens mode, classic invasion mode, boss mode. Boss mode will use death star and other modes will use normal chickens getting powerful wave by wave. There wont be a life lost when died and will have unlimited missiles etc. Youwont get any score or keys. Also damages will show on right.