The big chick (newboss) features

My new boss idea will be awesome
Its called : The Big Chick

It is a big version of chick…it shoots laser rays and eggs and it wears a a space helmet and it has chickens guiding the big chick… The color of laser rays are red and green…the hitpoints are

Armor HP:4100
Can shoot laserrays and eggs
Has a guide to help in battle
It has a helmet


The amount of health it has seems oddly specific.

No worries I’ll increase that

Now it’s too much. Come on, this thing now has mutliple times more health than the Henterprise!

LMAO 15M hp for boss like this with 5M armor hp, thats crazy. If this could be added at all would be the end of the franchise(if it be in the series). I think a big chicken planet would be a better substitute for boss like this.

Done! Just decreased two zeros pls add it as a boss

I’m not a dev. I can’t.

That kind of boss already exists but a little dofferent. Or not idk.

I think we need more original ideas rather than “What if we take a chicken/a boss and give it x?”. Interaction Studios said it afterall. Also yeah too much hp XD

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Wow, craziest idea i have seen in the forum for now. This armor is just too much!:fearful:

Done I changed it’s armor health

I decreased it now…


Good the idea looks better when you fixed it.

Thanks I fixed It now … Now they should add this to the game

If they like it, they will think about adding it or not

Also they said: If you see we liked your post it is added to our list.

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Oh yeah Nice I hope It Will be added