"The Apple Core" need make harder

You could also just increase the number of level 4 barriers. And/or make them, for example, fire several shots in quick succession instead of just one.

And of course, increase the max number of bolts fired by the Apple Core.


or make the apple shoot like 10 :zap: Ion Blaster’s pattern

and add some bubble shield like some hard-leveled Chicken Ring

Just decrease weapon damage

That’s the most boring way to buff something

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I agree with you. Highest difficulty could replace every single barrier with level 4 barriers for this boss fight,just like barriers in regular waves are replaced with egg barriers in highest difficulties.

Flying inteligent race of chickens, trying to conquer the planets and destroy the earth doesnt make sense too. 1 of the reasons this game to be very fun.

I’m expecting this, that’s why the strikethrough text.

My argument still stands that it will not be visually appealing.

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So we agree on that.


  • Core: Barrier types depend on difficulty. Increased barrier attack frequency up to +120%.

Well uhh…

Wondering if chickens are included.

The nature of the apple core says so.

Oops :joy:

Oh my.

i agree but not only shoot the core needs to be harder
almost every bosses should be harder cause even on superstar they are still easy
even though you die at some point you will just get back to life and continue like nothing happend

Lives aren’t infinite, you know? They are pretty hard today.

I know but on the items equipments list you can just put some extra lives and then it will be easy ya know

Not so easy. It looks like you don’t even try. High mission with SSH are hard. Realy hard.

The first time i bought SSH from the shop on CIU i equipped it on my skills and from now i am always using it