The Alien Mothership bug

There’s a small bug in the Alien Mothership boss fight, when you fight this boss in a mission that contains lighting, the falling object won’t disappear immediately after destroying the last part of the mothership until the lighting appear.

It’s a very small bug but i think iA should fix that, if you’re in a hard mission, destroyed the last part of the mothership and you’re surrounded with falling object and suddenly a lighting alert appear, you’re just ded… Imagine how many dares you gonna lose bcz of this bug lul

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I got disqualified bcz of this topic, congrats to Sieû for the free 9.95 dare points… :skull::skull:

That’s indeed. Lightning are generated randomly, not forcing to strike player all the times.
P/s (but may not advised much): Use VF-66

You just need to be better at dodging the pieces and not trap your self

Skill issue

Here’s a tip: Don’t shoot the mothership while you’re in a corner

I already know that

intresting :face_with_monocle:

this thing doesn’t occur at alien mothership only it occur at every boss fight and every wave (I support to stop this bug)

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