The absolver beam problem

I noticed that the absolver beam weapon breaks some bosses
Its ability to destroy all projects in its beam when fully charged doesn’t only affect eggs and lasers but bosses too (which is the problem)
I only noticed this with one boss but henperior apprentice becomes a joke because this weapon can break the force around him and his lasers (if shot at his center aka his neck) making the boss a punching bag

P.s if there are any typos tell me


Yeah, Absolver Beam is still a work-in-progress.


Also, this topic should be categorized to #early-access


As if Henperor weren’t a punching bag already. Don’t forget that you need to be fully charged to remove the projectiles, and for instant lasers you need to hit the actual source which is usually the center of the boss itself which is not always reachable with a weapon that’s fully straight. Also, it’s a good trade off for the fact that Absolver has very low single-target DPS.


When i tried it my power was 11 so i had just enough time in between attacks to charge it up plus the attack doesn’t have to completely finish to destroy it the force shield can be broken before it reaches all the way out even if you have to be right above him or underneath him if you time it right

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