The Ability to add a description to your spacecraft

I have an idea, i thought it would be cool to add a descrption to your ship cuz why not?

Sun Breacher (My legendary BX8): A ship that was originally a legendary BX8, The ship was repurposed for scientific research by Deep Fried Chicken Laboratory, bought from Locken Lowd industries…
Sun Breacher was eventually bought by a Friend of The Authentic Hero due to her having difficulty to do mission on Stars. Eventually sold to Heroware and now i own Sun Breacher

C0RruP+Ed $h!P: a unfortunate H&C101 Hatchling that got sucked into a Wormhole , named Ta’yan
and never returned…Until 2 years ago when a pilot carrying out a Retro mission was attacked by The Corrupted Ship, Destroying the Hatchling and killing the Unfortunate pilot, Now im being sent to investigate the ship…

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