Thank you for hard boſſes

I juſt wanted to poſt a “thank you” topic aimed towards @InterAction_studios for increaſing the boſs difficulty, giving us ſomething worth fighting (and loſing to).

To thoſe who are complaining becauſe the boſſes are ſuper hard on SSH max difficulty miſſions, I would like to reſpond with what I think ſhould be a rough tranſlation of the difficulty ſettings:

  1. Touriſt: Suitable for anyöne of any experiënce level and practically any level of wakefulneſs.
  2. Rookie: A good difficulty for both newcomers and old hands playïng for a few minutes while they have a moment of free time.
  3. Seaſoned: For chicken hunters of ſome experiënce looking for more of a challenge.
  4. Veteran: Challenging miſſions ſuitable for the true veteran. Be ſure to come prepared.
  5. Virtuöſo: You’ve ſeen a few chickens in your time and are looking for ſome truly epic battles. Intenſe concentration is eſſential.
  6. Super Star Hero: Attempting this is likely a ſuicide miſſion for anyöne who does not regularly make the top ten liſts. Good luck.

You make a valid point here. The original reasoning behind SSH was a skill level at the edge of unreasonable, something only for the best-of-the-best, or those with a death wish.

Fast-forward to today, and 90% of users on this forum play on SSH :roll_eyes:

Which is not to say that you people aren’t the best-of-the-best – you are indeed. But let’s take a moment to consider the other 99.9% of players which have difficulty telling apart their port from their starboard engines :slight_smile:

Of course, we do still have two more difficulty slots remaining. Meh, heh, heh :smiling_imp:


Uh oh.

I bet the hardest difficulty will be “Suicidal”.

I’d call them something like Divine, Grandmaster (I think I heard that somewhere), God/Chicken God or Hardcore. @InterAction_studios, please make it happen :smile:

True, although there’s not that much difference between two adjacent difficulties, and individuäl miſſion difficulty eaſily makes up the difference. I don’t think having that difficulties with that little difference between them is really neceſſary.

I alſo had a comment about the difficulties in the ſhop. Currently, they are ſorted alphabetically, but I think they ſhould be ſorted by difficulty inſtead.

I know xD. I’ll call “Hyper Star Hero” and “Ultimate Star Hero”. And make it cost over 1K key

I want to say that Egg cannon and Henterprise became a really good challenge, now I can’t insult them or make fun of them anymore. Good job iA! Hopefully new ones will be as challenging and interesting as possible.