Yeap. Another chicken geometry-styled wave. This is (DMCA copyright thingy). Ok no, this wave referencing the blocks in the arcade game tetris.

Wave name: Tetro-Cluckos, Clucko-Minoes,… you name it.

Appears when: >=50%

Formation: This wave consists of 7 pieces of chicken group, each has 16 chickens, all has a unique shape (T, J, L, O, Z, S, I). They act like any other shape spin waves…

Extras: it would be cool if those Clucko-Mino has color based on their shape, similiar to tetris:

  • T = Magenta
  • J = Blue
  • L = Orange
  • O = Yellow
  • Z = Red
  • S = Green
  • I = Light blue

tl;dr/nonsense wave is basically area measurements but it reference to tetris and iA will get DMCA or something


Not another Chicken Geometry type wave. They’re erratic and unfair most of the time.


I hope that The Tetris Company will not see this or they may DMCA the game like how they recently do with another Tetris fangame called “Tetra Online” :eyes:

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I literally just posted about a Tetris wave on another topic, and then I see this. Oops.

Speaking of the type of wave, I wish the remaining chickens went towards the center in these types of formations when other chickens are killed so that you don’t get killed by a spin that you cannot predict.

ah yes, the spin that ended my no-death ci3 run in the solar system


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