Test automatic weapon balancing in early access

Currently some weapons are not usable. And I think the setup for auto balancing is not hard to do.

My suggestions for auto balancing:

  • Ignore boron railgun moron railgun.
  • The counter is the total using time of a weapon by all players.
  • Use Utensil Poker as a weight.
  • The balance should be occurred weekly (not daily), and with a small amount.
  • The game should tell all players that the weapon auto balancing system is working, so they know something has changed.

Well, there was idea of auto balancing that IA suggested:

But I still think that auto balancing isn’t a good idea and better thing to do is manually balance weapons just like here:

  1. Please don’t just say that this’s not a good idea.
  2. I read everything needed.
  3. “Test”
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Why? It’s his opinion. And we’re allowed to criticize other people’s ideas.


personally i feel like auto-balancing would suffice if done right but since there is no guarantee for that (after all even the greatest looking things can backfire) it could also have some pretty ridiculous and uncalled-for results, so i’d rather stick to manual balancing (props to galbatorix for pioneering the detalied descriptions btw) for the time being, but of course mr. Prouskas will ultimately have to decide if he wants to spend a significant amount of time on such matter or just leave it to an algorithm as it is

edit: just noticed the “test” bit in the title, well sure running a test never hurt anyone, just make sure that if things don’t go as they’re supposed to, all the variables are revertable to the exact amounts they were before

i’m pretty sure what 1uws’ saying is in such a debate you should try to support your statements with at least one (1) Solid Argument™, for which title i don’t think “this isn’t a good idea in my opinion” should apply


He did link the thread of the already suggested automatic rebalancing, where he did state his opinion. Or, well, how the entire thing went.


@anon27929001 What are you scared for?


Galbatorix makes a really good point in the linked topic - popularity doesn’t necessarily reflect how effective a weapon is. Just because everyone is using a weapon, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best. For instance, what if a popular content creator had a challenge to, say, win missions with the ion blaster (or even an official challenge?) and suddenly every man and his chicken is using Ion Blaster? What about the new players who pick Lightning Fryer because “It’s cheap and it looks cool and my starter weapon is trash!” without any idea how it stacks up against other weapons?

Theoretically, if every player was 100% efficient and unbiased and picked whatever weapons are objectively “best” - this system would work. But we’re humans - some humans pick what’s best, some pick what’s popular, some pick what’s a meme, some pick what looks pretty and goes with their spaceship, some pick what’s best only for supernovas because they want lots of keys.

This system would prevent a meta emerging - but the weapons would never truly become “equal” either. So that’s why it (unfortunately) doesn’t have my support.


Okay. Since iA won’t read this anyway, you guys win. I can’t argue too much because of my bad at english and Im scared I may cause any misunderstanding. But Im really disappointed. Such a good thing can’t be implemented. You guys never tested, never developed something, never appreciated new thing, new idea, never knew how to make something run as you wish. It’s impossible because it will not be implemented.

Woah, hey. We’re just questioning whether auto-balance would have the effect you want - we’re not trying to hate on your idea or anything.

In any creative thing I’ve worked on, a good idea tends not to come from thin air - but from trying a few things and thinking about why they don’t work. Perhaps there is a way around the problems we discussed, or perhaps it will lead to an even better idea.

That’s really the whole point of having discussions like this - so everyone’s ideas work together to make the best solution. And just because an idea isn’t used, that does not always make it bad. No need to feel discouraged! :wink:


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