Terrible, but useful idea about cheating, don't be mad

How about making official team of players that have REALY good reputation on forum and game that will test new cheats on special accounts that are not affected by ban system and they will not display in score tops or other social stuff? They only get kicked with message “You have been detected”. Something like moderators of cheating. It’s a good method to fastly test existing cheats and block them in updates but I’m sure that community will not support this thing. Think about it.

  • Nice idea
  • Nice idea, but needs long “trust level” check
  • No, it is too dangerous

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Good idea in theory, but there are a few conſiderations:

  1. There would only need to be a couple uſers.
  2. They’d need to be devoted to tryïng as many cheats as poſſible. Thus, they’d have to have time and be willing to do a lot of reſearch on cheating techniques, &c.
  3. They would need to agree to be on the cheat-teſting team.
  4. They would need to be truſted members of the forum (as you ſaid).
  5. The reporting of cheats that work would have to be done in private meſſages.
  6. They would have to know who the others are ſo they can communicate and don’t keep tryïng the ſame things.

I would ſuggeſt that the cheat teſters would alſo have to have only one account, ſo they can’t uſe know cheats on a different one.

To ſum up, in theory it’s a good idea, but it might be hard to implement. I mean, finding people who are willing to do it will be fairly difficult after early acceſs ends. I’m alſo not ſure how neceſſary it is.