Terminator's wave

Let’s talk about the most annoying wave of them all…hopping that I’m not gonne hurt @InterAction_studios fellings :slightly_smiling_face:
The Terminator chicken!!
I was’t remeber how the wave works exactlly in the original form and I mean CI3 and I just play a little bit CI3 just to and it’s exactlly the same!!!..
there’s somethings that I don’t like… some manny chickens and you “spend” a lot of time to pass this wave!! so I’ve got some little suggestions that maybe could make this wave more playble! :heart:
1- make it like the original form like 3 checkpoints
2-reduce the numbers of the chickens in the fromations should variate in base of difficulty!..start with 4 chicks to maximum of 10
3-an if none of this suggestion are good an alternative would be : example: kill the first 10 chicken that appear than make it appear another formation than again …


Isn’t that already how it is? The number of maximum possible chickens on the screen is 10 at most, and (I think) 4 at least


I don’t know if is like that :thinking:…I allways encounter from 8 to 10

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The range is 4-8 (difficulty 0%-100%) simultaneously visible (extrapolated for difficulties >100%).


It becomes really tedious with chicks… In the OG games, we had this neat little color progression, like say, they start off as red suit chickens and end as blue suited ones. We need some sort of indicator like that to signify how far we’ve gone.


That didn’t happen in CI3 though.


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