Terminator flyïng ſaucers

I think there ſhould be another ſet of flyïng ſaucer variänts, identical to the exiſting ones, but with a ſmall difference: after ſhooting down the ſaucer, the chicken (or chick) left wandering aimleſſly around the ſcreen is given an aim, ſpecifically that of killing you. In ſhort, the things that ſpawn after ſhooting down one of theſe ſaucers ſhould be of the terminator type. Theſe ſaucers ſhould have different artwork to diſtinguiſh them; I was thinking of red bits on the ſaucer as in the following picture (but done better, preferably):


This is actually very good idea. From time to time I have a feeling that chickens from the saucers aimlessy flying do not fit the wave whatsover. For example it is very visible on Yolk Star™ bossfight and the wave with terminator chickens. IMO replacing standard UFO chicken with your version on those waves would be very good change.

Awesome idea

That image reminds me to a IW2 balloon.

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