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Hello there! Obivan kenobi.

I was just scrolling in epic waves topi and noticed something. Mostly peoples are taking screenshoots on pause menu because its so hard to open screen crop tool. So I was thinking there should be a button for taking screenshot and sending the file in desktop. That can be any button like F2.

I am not sure is this idea mentioned before. Mobile design doesnt really show similar topics.

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My keyboard doesnt have prntsc also it doesnt create file. It just copies screen to computer and you have to paste it to paint and save it for sending it to desktop.

i press Windows+Shift+S when i want to take a screenshot
this works on win 10 though

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Thats the point. There can be a simply F2 button instead of that much hard work

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I remember from the previous that you could take a screenshot by pressing a F? number (i don’t remember the button that allows to do that :confused: ).
Well, yeah, It would be nice to see that in CIU.

just press F9

and its located at your CI data folder

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Is it exists for CIU?

It does. I’ve been able to do this at the previous games.

Than why no one uses it in epic waves topic

idk, everybody got used with pressing a printscreen lol

Weird. Well I think its weird…

Good this about the F9 key is that you can do that repeatedly without overriding or going to paint just to paste it. It’s on .bmp format though.

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Because the epic waves are very dangerous and can kill you at any moment. Taking the time to screenshot may not take long,but it still takes away a bit of your attention and that’s really bad.

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