System Requirements

IA told us that we will only require 1GB of Ram. But so many changes have been done and now, my old PC started to struggle a little bit at this game. I then tested CIU at my Workstation and looks like now it requires more than that to have 60FPS or more. Here is the system requirements I found in case you are interested :
Minimum :
+) 1,6 Gb processor or higher
+) Windows XP and above
+) 1 Gb of Ram
+) Intel HD 2000
Recommended (for 60FPS at 1080p or more) :
+) 2,2 Gb processor or more ( best performance with Dual core processor )
+) Windows Vista
+) 2 Gb of Ram
+) Intel HD 3000 ( or 256Mb of Dedicated GPU would be the best )
And don’t forget to have Internet connections of at least 5Mbps
Maybe some older PC would still run smoothly, but my old PC with 4 Gb of Ram, Intel core i3 4150 and Nvidia GT 705 sometimes struggle at the game and becomes laggy ( like I can’t even move my mouse for a second and it just teleport me to the boss like suicide ). Sometimes if I got bad luck, the game even runs at 3 FPS low settings.
Hope IA will fix the lag.

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But we already had a topic for that:


yes but now it’s the mid 2020 topic and even my Gaming PC lag ( not the PC i mentioned earlier. This monster has Ryzen 9, 32Gb Ram and RTX 2080 Ti so I guest just because of hard disk. But it still lag.). How?

what do you mean by this topic this game working in any PC and if you have a lag t possible your internet is very slow

Or try lowering the graphics.

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How and why


We do need powerful processors, after all

Real gamers don’t use CPUs to process stuff, they use Brain™.


What if the brain is unavailable

Become a capsuleer- oh wait.

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I’ve doubt, if newer versions of CIU support XP, since IA said that newer versions may not support XP no longer. Correct me, If I’m wrong.


sorry I meant 1,6 Ghz processor. But it equals to a Celeron or Pentium 4 so ye

Yes you can still use XP ( I guess because last 4 or 5 months i can still play on my VM ). But you will need to install Services Pack.

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I found a problem that if you want to play the game full 125 FPS with highest resolution and highest graphical settings ( of course with VSync and disabled tone down effects ), you will sure need some expensive stuff ( like Geforce GTX 750 and core i5 ) but for people just want to be playable at 1080p, then a core i3, 4 GB of DDR3-1333 and Intel HD 4000 should be good.

Who in their right mind would buy that stuff just to play a shmup tho?

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Windows XP is currently (v.54) supported, but with the move to DirectX 11 in the next update, XP will be removed. DirectX 11 should have smoother performance as well as some extra effects, but if it doesn’t work out, it’s possible to revert to DirectX 9 again (which means XP would be back in).

The game is designed for HD natively. Running it on higher resolutions will just make it slower (the only perceivable benefit would be in zoomed-out waves, but I don’t think that it’s worth the price).


Well if you want superior effects then you would need them. Even with GT 705, my game sometimes struggle at explosions

Of course it will, the large sprites size will make almost every machine players use to lag at the explosions.

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