Survivalist mode

Good day ladies and gentlemen my idea is to add endless survivalist with different mechanics than game we know just cuz of that this mode will be only for pc u can either play alone or with friends u will be moving with keyboard and shoot with spaces or mouse and moving will be similar as the moving in a game nova drift invasions will start easy as the difficulty is rookie and will go on in infinity


include an entirely different gameplay mode with no proper integration to the rest of the game and lock it away from mobile devices for some reason

brilliant idea


Aight lady dont be mad i just suggested something new

isn’t this basically survival endless from plants vs zombies

-50.0% unoriginal penalty

This mode was actually similar like how CI1 looks like.
However, I still wonder that iA would add endless mode in future. In fact that endless mode would be a great way to test how good you are.

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And yes, I want to see this guy come back in sequel.

Doesn’t that one sort of come back on the sqwack blocks? Different logo but basically the same idea?

So you’re saying a gamemode similar to CI1.
Unlimited waves basically.
Eh, I don’t see why not.

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