Survival Challenge feat. The Yolk Star™

The goal is defeating the Yolk Star, but this time it is WAY STRONGER than any encounter you ever met. By the way, you only start with 1 live, level 0 moron railgun and no satellite nor superweapon.

This version of Yolk Star only has 3 lasers, which are very very slowly shoots at the beginning, but as more it gets damaged, they will shoot more rapidly.

It has enormous 10.000.000 of hp (number could change if it’s too high or too low). Every 2.5% it drops firepowers and gifts, and every 10% it drops a satellite. And 200.000 for 2nd phase.

It has some more attack pattern (they’re more harder as the yolk star damaged) :

  • Terminator chickens call, just like the regular yolk star, it calls terminator chicken to wipe you out. It calls 1 up to 9 chicks or chickens. (don’t worry, no chickenaut, ufo, or eggship are allowed)

  • Chicken wobble, like Henterprise’s, much less though.

  • Egg drone, like in CI3, one version for early fight, and two version for later.

  • Imbound missiles, like in CI3, from above version for early fight, and from side version for later, but the number of missiles is decreased, to make sure that it still possible to beat.

  • Barrier fortification, make a line or two at the middle horizontally, and later add chickens too, behind it.

  • Chickenaut call, but only one up to three, and they stay at above, so don’t worry.

  • Chicken geometry call, one or two, three by three triangle(s). (and please don’t worry there will be no ufo, chickenaut or eggship)

About scoring, 1 hp of the yolk star counts as 1 points, so the maximum is 10.200.000, any
other object won’t give score. It rewards keys 0.01% of the total score plus 480 keys if you win it. That means you will get 1500 keys if you win this challenge.


that is too much hp and it would be almost impossible to defeat it

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Well yeah, I thought so. I just took Henterprise’s HP in CI5 and multiplied it by 10. Yes it should be toned down.

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