Supreme Evaders spacecraft family

Supreme Evaders, created by the Metal Gear Corporation. This family has a similiar role to the Scout. It was build for automatic evasive manuevering. They still have the high firepower output but it heavily reduced when the automatic evasion is active.

Hello. This is another spacecraft idea. Let’s go.


1: Appearance

Though I don’t like modelimg much but the spacecraft could take one of the SR-71 Blackbird:


2: Size & Speed

The size of this new family is as same as the Space Superiorty (Same hitbox).

This fanily has a speed limit. They have 2020px/s (1920x1080) for the first model and -120px/s every model upgrade.

3: Name

Taken from my old idea, this spacecraft takes the name of Thunder Gods from all cultures, they follow this order: EI-[x] [Thunder God Name] (x is a number that has 3 same digits ex: 111, 222, 333,…, 999)


Automatic Evasive Manuevering (Evasion)

Supreme Evaders provide the pilot with the ability to “Cheat” Death in mission.

Function: when you collide with a projectile that will kill you, instead you just past through it. This means the automatic evasion has kicked in (indicated by the illusion of your ship)

The evasion lasts for 2 seconds (+ 0.75 seconds for each model upgrade) and temporarily kick the ship manuev to unlimited and it ignores massive enviroment.

When the evasion depletes, you are once again vulnerable and it has 10 second (+1.5 seconds for each upgrade) cooldown for the evasion.


  • Although the evasion protects you from everything, Evasion cannot be triggered if you collide with a living entity (Chicken, barrier, boss,…). Enviromental lightning bolts also won’t trigger the evasion, which it kills you.

  • Evasion weakens your weapon by 75% and slowly recharge back overtime. The weapon recharge its power every 1/6 second and finish chargimg after 4 seconds (+1 second for every model upgrade)

  • Evasion consumes 2 firepower (+1 for each upgrade) as a price. The first ever evasion of the mission consumes no fp.

  • Evasion can only trigger if you have at least 10fp. The first ever evasion of the mission doesn’t need this minimum requirement.

  • Triggering Evasion disables satellites for 2.5 seconds (+1 second every model upgrade)

  • Evasion during meteor storm does not give bonus points when you graze it.

  • Using any special weapon will trigger the evasion but without damage reduction and firepower consumption. Dimensional Phase-Out won’t trigger the evasion

Rotating Satellites

Taken from my previous idea, satellites will move around you spacecraft CCW. The higher the model, the slower they move around. All of these ships have 4 satellites.


To balance out, this spacecraft has some disadvantages:

  • No God Power: even though they have 10fp, no max power.

  • Capped Firepower: This spacecraft caps your firepower at 80fp (-10fp for every model upgrade). This is the first ever ship to have capped firepower. Capped means the firepower will not exceed a certain amount when you collect a firepower.

  • Need energy (Debatable): This family cannot use Mr Fusion Plutonium Reactor. Requires something higher.

  • Off-Center weapon tip: The middle weapon pod is off-centered, the weapon is slightly to the right.

OP’s comment:

Yeah, this is a nice ship. I’m not sure about the price but it’s going to be expensive. Also, I thought of making this a electric-resistance spacecraft but nah.

How is it?
    • It’s good
    • Looks nice enough
    • Unbalanced (tell me how you do it)
    • Not good
    • Bad

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Sample models will be presented later.


barrier is a living entity :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
this opened a new theory

Game Theory: The Barrier’s True Identify!?

you are too evil
time to buy laser scope

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i love democracy

I think the ship a good idea, but why the cap at 80 fp? if maximum usable is 10fp in this ship, why don’t you cap it at 10?

overall nice idea, but made in the wrong moment (i guess), we just got a new spaceship family.

You know, your idea is great but, I don’t like the shape of this plane at all.

add this spacecraft family after v110 or finished game,please

You again?

Ignore it


Fvck my editting skill, it decreased a lot now :frowning:


Sample Models (thanks @Pinkpiter!)


this is cool, how the spacecraft dodges by itself, and you get out of control sometimes, so that happens when you have 1 live or all the time. it says “Life or death situation”.


how do you model like this


Literally ship built for unrepared medal

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Powerpoint (maybe).

666…You’re welcome
Maybe next time i will try to redesign it!

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can you help me in modeling new satellite ?? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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its not even 3d :man_facepalming:

please dont talk like you know about it



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What is the point of cheating death if you lose firepower and get your satellites disabled anyway? I wouldn’t sacrifice max power for this honestly

No life loss and medal loss

Thinked again and yes. This spacecraft “special” ability is stupid as they are just free extra lives.

Though I still have another alternate ability/role for this spacecraft “Threat Repellent”. Will be written later.

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