Supply Droids Wave QoL Idea

I think the food(in the bubbles) should come into the screen first followed by the droid.

I say this due to the fact that when the droid comes in first and we destroy it, all of the food may not come into the screen and hence cannot be collected. Therefore if all of the food comes into the screen first and then the droids come in, we will be able to collect all of the food.

Edit: I know we could just wait for the all of the food to come into the screen but what about the new players? They may not know.


CIU does have many things that’ll catch new players off guard.

I would appreciate a small subtitle below the text “Supply Droids” hinting the fact that you should wait before shooting, something like “Now, now, don’t get greedy…”


Lmao that would actually be a great idea. But in all seriousness this shouldn’t be ignored by IA

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I’m pretty sure this is a deliberate design decision, to add at least some degree of skill to an otherwise very, very easy wave.


Could be true

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It’s just patience. There is no skill in this.


Yes but the FOOD! Its important

Regarding new players, they will just miss it once and never again

This might sound like you should kill them ASAP as being greedy would be waiting for all food to spawn, so I’d rather put something mentioning patience and not hurrying


Or… IA could just spawn the droids after all the food comes in. But I guess that will be a bit weird for the other waves. Droids normally pull the food towards their direction instead of pushing them. So a wave with such an exception may be a bit strange.

But I still stand by my idea. IA should at least add some wave subtitles.

Patience is a skill. Many people don’t have it.

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