Superweapon or Mountable or Satellite: Aggressive Shield

This shield don’t defense Ship, but it can kill chickens and other enemies


I like the idea
But can you explain better?
As far as I understood this superweapon generates an area around the spaceship that damage chickens in the area but isn’t a shield… Am I right?
(So… very good in combo with poultry payback)

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Yes, of course

How much damage does it do exactly? And how quickly?
Though,regardless of the answer,here is my opinion:
It…could be okay for easy missions. However,on high difficulties,getting this close to enemies is way too risky to be worth it. Might be alright for bosses,though.


How long would it exist? Maybe it could be upgradeable to deal more damage more quickly. I don’t see much use for it except on waves like pulsating grid or chicken roulette where you’re in constant danger of getting overwhelmed.(Which are specific situations. And those that I’m bad at.)

Actually this would be very useful for Space Races, provided it does enough damage. (and if it doesn’t end up being a superweapon)

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