Superweapon :Nuke blast

This superweapon unleashes a huge blast that destroys 50% of chickens and all of their projectiles and weakens the other 50%
Mini-bosses and bosses are unaffected as it doesn’t damage them .
Cost : Bought in groups of 9 for 81 key

Missiles and mines do just about the same thing, so it wouldn’t be worth implementing.


Considering this is supposed to be a nuke, it feels rather weird that it’s actually weaker than the missile. Other than that, it seems too similar to one, and I think we don’t need any more missile copies.


Worse and more expensive than a missile. No thanks. I think I’ll stick with the mines.


It’s 2 keys cheaper, so not exactly.

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My point still stands, it’s worse than a missile. I’d rather have a nuke that you can only buy once, and then use it to annihilate an entire boss.


The missile crash faster and even at the moment if its fired in the center of the screen, it depends where you are. The mines dont have such a mechanic.

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