Superweapon Idea: "The Freezing Forcefield"

Hello y’all. Today, I’ve had an idea which is rather different than other superweapons.
This weapon is called “The Freezing Forcefield”, it does not actually do any damage, but it freezes enemies on-screen. When you activate it a quick forcefield goes through the whole screen and freezes enemies for 4.6 seconds, making enemies unable to both attack or move. When the time passes, the enemies still stay blue (when you freeze them they turn blue), and that means the enemies are still frozen. Despite the fact that 4.6 seconds passed, they are still frozen and stay blue but they can attack and move, they just are slow. They are slow for 10.3 seconds, after which they stop being blue and are back to normal. This works on bosses too, except it’s 3.2 seconds instead, however they are still slow after that time passes and it’s still 10.3 seconds. Yeah this also works on Frozen Wastelands except the freeze effect is removed, only making them slow on those missions. I’ve also created an concept for the forcefield:

The icon in the shop will be the same as the forcefield just no spaceship (Plus iA if you actually want to add this please create a better forcefield sprite pls.) That’s all for now!


Its unusual for the times to be decimal. Still, I’m neutral to this idea. (No pun intended)

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ice idea :slightly_smiling_face:



Okk i need context for that image

Can’t deny you said the following: “Kill yourself, or I will do it” or something like that


The duration of the effects. They aren’t round numbers. Sorry I didn’t explain myself

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