Superweapon Concept: Turbo Blast

Desc: Missile? Blow up your chicken. Check. Mines? Also blowing up your chickens. Check. However, those weapons are actually taking a second to detonate themselves. And so, with the engineering hands of Henry’s Motors Inc., for the first time of the history, they created a super weapon rather than an upgradable engine jet for spaceships. Introducing Turbo Blast! Your ship will gain an invisible shield to protect the ship from unwanted errors while the turbo rev up your ship so massive, that, the ship will accelerate with a maximum speed, ramming the chicken and explode the self-armed Nuclear Motor Engine to destroy all the chickens before the ship fly away from the battlefield! Do not worry, the ship will return with the shield after a turbo ride and the shield will turn it off afterwards. Truly an amazing Engineering!

Basic Stats:
Damage: 25000
Damage Type: Single Hit
Special: Ship gain an immunity shield, will return after a turbo ride and shield will stay until the ship return to the original launch spot.

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