Superstar Hero Squawk Blocks

Is it only me who finds these nearly impossible to do without losing a bunch of lives or nuking it with missiles or mines? I have no trouble with other missions because you can be patient in them when slobs/cowards appear, but squawk blocks have such a limited timeframe in that window that it always ends in a shower of bullets whenever any type of kamikaze enemy makes up a majority of the pattern.

I’m wondering if I’m the only one just nuking squawk blocks with a mine when the cowards show up, or if there is some tactic I am missing to somehow ignore the cowards

The tactics are these: either dodge the feathers or use a weapon that can one shot the cowards like Plasma


Plasma is the only weapon against Coward and Assasin chick


I use 4 Bird-Flus+Plasma.

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You can use the absolver but it’s slow , I prefer to use plasma as other suggested

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Nuking is simpler. Applying plasma with coolant is too costy on keys.

Just like when I surprised I wasted 2598 keys on it

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