SuperNova and comet

I hate the supernova update because every sun has supernova mission.
It would have been better if there were supernova explosion in the map. The missions should be added there.

Also I think comets should also appear in the map which could be used as a small space bus that wont consume fuel.

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Before v.18 every sun had supernova missions, but they were locked.

Also, where exactly would supernovas be? They would be located like wormholes or in Solar systems?

About comets, I would change some things.
First, they would INCREASE our warp speed, but you could always buy warp drive and upgrade it to max.

How about supernova explosions which randomly appear in several pre-generated spots (they never change location) every 3-14 days? I mean, they appears, then they exist in 3-14 or more days (maybe depending on the lenght and hardness of missions it have), then they explode finally and shards floating this place instead of supernova next ~2 days (1st day — lot of pieces, 2nd day — less etc. 3 stages of disappearing, a lot, less, a little, 0). After debris disappeared new supernova can appear here randomly later.

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I agree. I even wrote about it few months ago:

Randomly selected suns go supernova (so you don’t stay in one solar system forever) and you should get out of their range by playing supernova mission.

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Anyway the current system for supernova should change.

Not a bad idea. I like it.

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