Superhero difficulty bug [CI3/4/5]

If you have unlocked the Superhero difficulty, then ran a mission with other difficulties for ex. Rookie or veteran, then returning back to the fly mission menu, if you hover over the Superhero difficulty, a note down will appear “You haven’t unlocked this feature” While it’s already unlocked, but can’t be accessed bec, you are in a mission already.
Edit: This bug is found in all Chicken Invaders episodes (3 to 5).


Ahem. This is place for Chicken Invaders Universe ONLY.

I doubt iA would issue an update for each of the three games just for that

Amazingly enough, although this is just cosmetic and it applies to old episodes, I’ve gone back and fixed it, just for correctness sake. It will appear in the next CI3/4/5 update (whenever that is).



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