Super nova wrong size of the debris

The super nova debris are moving and splitting very fast, so l hope that my eyes catch a problem. Normally when you break a window, if you put all small pieces together you will obtain the entire window. This is the same for the super nova debris. In some cases, the area/volume of the divided debris is bigger than the original one. I don’t want to obtain the exact volume of the original piece from the divided debris, but the size of the divided pieces (sum of the volume) should always be smaller than the original one.


The broken-up pieces in CIU were made larger than CI4 to make them easier to see. However, you’re right: depending on the (random) pieces chosen, it can appear that all the pieces together are larger than the original piece.

CI4: 100% :arrow_right: 2 x 50% :arrow_right: 4x25%
CIU: 100% :arrow_right: 2 x 70% :arrow_right: 4x40%

Who feels strongly about one way or another?

Why not make a poll?

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