Super chicken (boss) beam lag

I want to report on a specific moment(s) in the bossfight “is it a bird? is it a plane? no its definitly a bird”

Now,i know that some of you know how im going to talk about this ,since you may or may not know about my false claims on bugs on the game,and im not saying that this is a bug,but i wanted to show it to the community.
Please take me for granted that i do not want to spam,neither annoy people because of my possibly unnecessary topics,since what i want to do is point out things in the game

And now,onto the post…

Please take a good look at the start of the video,because i will be discussing about it

Did you observe how the super chicken’s (how i like to call it) beam lags between the warning sprite (the sprite that indicates that it will fire the beam) and the beam itself?
To explain more deeply,the warning sprite does not disappear before the beam starts to fire.
As i said, i do not objectify this to be a bug,since as i said before,i do not want to spam unnecessary topics about fake bugs,but point out something strange.

that’s the original boss in CI4 ,and as you can see,the warning sprite disappears before the beam shoots.
Now i get it that the CIU fight is supposed to be more harder,but it seems unfair how you can still think that the beam will not shoot,even though it will without true warning.
Now i realize that the case could be that the fight is hard,and that the beam must be very fast ,but it doesn’t make an excuse to shoot the beam before the warning sprite disappears.
And i wish that it will change in the future.
and i want IA to take notice of this phenomena

To be honest, I don’t call it lag, the rate at how much it fires depends on the difficulty, so it fired after a little time, that’s why it did not disappear. On your first video, It fired before the warning disappeared because the difficulty is very high, On the second video, that’s how it originally was made because it wasn’t dependant on difficulty.


I still dont agree on how it works,the warning should disappear before the beam fires

Well yeah, but if you play on a harder difficulty you should already expect stuff like this


So the warning should disappear earlier? Doesn’t change much, really, but sure. If you meant that the laser should take longer to pop up,though…then no. The boss is easy enough as it is.


I believe the warning is just a way to tell you not to dawdle at that spot.
No need to make it shorter at all, it’s just there to tell you to get out of the way, not look nice.

The problem is, that it doesn’t appear for long enough, and some people may not see or react fast enough, resulting in a somewhat cheap death

Well, it’s kinda understood after a while. You die once, you’ll know to never stand under it again.


You already know that’s the warning is for the beam right? Why would we need a warning extend? It’s super easy.

Fixed in v.45 :medal_sports: Bug


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