Sun? ☀

Why are stars in center of star system called Suns I just noticed that. We have gas giants, terran planets, and not stars but suns. To quote wikipedia
“The Sun is the star at the center of the Earth’s Solar System.
Other stars at the centers of planetary systems are colloquially called suns .”
If we have specific details of each space object, and planets are clearly defined, why are stars Suns?
Or it’s just that Sun is already inbedded in our brains and we don’t want to use our brainpower to say star.


Stars are too mainstream so we call them sun. (just kidding tho)

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I thought “sun” would be easier to understand, particularly for non-English speaking players.

I think most people associate stars with those twinkling things in the night sky :star2: , and not with fiery balls of light :stuck_out_tongue:


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