Summon Barrier (new Stackable)

You can buy 12 Barriers at the price of 156 keys (so thats 13 keys/barrier, pretty fair and balanced imho but all changes are welcome)
Once summoned, the Barrier spawns into a random location (out of 4 possible locations), above the bottom by a certain height. It looks different than the Barriers present in missions, and its purpose is to defend the player from the enemy attacks. Neither your ship nor enemies can crash into the Barriers, as they will simply push them away. On the other hand, both your and the enemies’ attacks can damage the Barrier, and it will be destroyed after a few hits (the destruction explosion itself is small and does not cause damage). Only 4 Barriers can be on-screen at a time.
What do you think?

So, If I’m understanding correctly, your attacks won’t go throght the barrier?

Your attacks will damage the barrier as well. They won’t go through it.

I don’t find it to be much useful, personally, but I’m willing to be denied.

Where would the barriers be located in relation to the ship and just how big are they?

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Check out Space Invaders, that’s what this is based on (although the size should be decreased)

Like thisbarriers


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Advanced Chicken Invaders Modding Scene.

You never seen the tribute wave in CI5 or any SI gameplay?

Make sure they don’t score you any points when destroyed, otherwise it’d bring a huge score boost for Daily/Weekly Challenges.

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Of course it doesn’t.


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