Hello, I have a suggestion for bosses, They are too hard too kill, At the beginning, When you just started the game, I dont know, Probably, I dont have skills in CIU, But i have on other versions, If its not my fault, Please make the boss health slower. :grin:

Play on tourlist lol

What do you mean by that?

Lower Hp

I assume he wants the health bar to go down slower.

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Health bar move slower = More health (takes more time to fight)

I meant, the health bar go faster… Or its because the power of the gun / laser ??? Someone tell me.

Oh, yeah. Powerups help.

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Buy utensil poker. May help…

I like the bosses…I have tier number 40 whatever that means,is that decent because because the game is not finished yet it is hard to tell what’s going on I see high scores daily and weekly I think my scores have been within top 10 but I never see my scores .I guess I will wait till we can buy the game

I only juſt noticed this…“tourlist” lol indeed…

If you don’t see your scores on the leaderboard,no,they’re not in the top 10

This should be on Ideas, not on Early Access.

Why? It ſeems to be feedback on a paſt (or the lateſt) releaſe in the early acceſs ſtage.

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