Suggestion to make "High Speed Chase" less boring

Its a fact that one of the most boring waves is “High Speed Chase”. I have a suggestion to improve it, not by much tho.
The spaceship will be rotated by 90 degrees towards the left, but this is not enough, because there is a lot of space in the screen that nutralizes this solution. I suggest to move the exisitng lanes up, towards the edge of the screen, and in the remaining space there will be a duplicate of these lanes.

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Here’s my idea on how to fix this wave. The spaceship will be rotated 90 degrees to the right, making the space ship face the same direction as the chickens are goind towards. The middle left would be a safe spot where chickens wouldn’t show up and on the top and bottom chickens would appear. When they’ve gone through 2/3rds of the screen, they converge into the middle Lane so that players could shoot the chickens. The chickens will come in a single file or it would be way too crowded. And yes I hate this wave with a burning passion too. It has little effort put into it and is just plain too long.

So basically, “Caught by Surprise” V2.0
Also, if you want to submit a list of waves that you find boring or annoying, go ahead, I may turn this into a series if there’s enough work to do.

At least it would fit the title a bit better as your idea is essentially interdiction. And yes there are other boring waves like this so I’d recommend you start making that series. Trust me there are quite a few of them.

Well ,I’m waiting for some examples, then we’ll see. If there’s high enough demand, I’m gonna start making a grand buffet.

High speed chase might be boring and frustrating, but it does reward players who managed to clear all the incoming chickens (that 48k’ish pecking order). It also test the player’s firing accuracy.

Yes, but many people don’t care.

And the ability to waste keys if you get something like UFOs or chickenauts in the bottom row


Four Lane Merge, there you go.

High speed chase V2.0, basically.

I really do know more but I wish that other users get to name them. If you lack the patience, can I tell you all of the waves that I find are boring and annoying?

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Sure, go ahead. Then we can all share our opinions.

Energy Fences

Too slow, right?

Whilst the barrier do give you quite the points, the wave itself is very long and can get annoying and boring. Can I share another such wave?

All the ones you want. I would like to make a series, after all.

Perhaps this will help:

  • “High Speed Chase” wave: Halved number of spawned enemies (and hence wave duration).

Okay then, this one is more annoying than boring if you have the coordination to enter each side, From Cover To Cover.

That’s an already great improvement.

I kind of disagree. There are enough spawed chickens to keep you entertained, and at the last ones by that point you will have no barriers and you can shoot the quickly.