Suggestion regarding Bomber's paintjobs

It lately has bugged me that The Muller uses a default blue paintjob, and H&C Hatchling uses a orange paintjob, however now with B-X Bomber being added in the game, it uses the same paintjob the H&C has, so I suggest it being changed to either red or green

Or how about a dark blue? (Just try to ignore the green background .-.)

In case not, here’s red:


Those can also work

Really, the M-400 series uses blue? I thought they all used orange… luckily I’m not the one who programmed this… or am I???

slightly going mad :crazy_face:

Update: Crap, ok, it does use blue. Ok, let’s change the bombers to… red :medal_sports: Idea


Chicken disease again?? We had an outbreak of this today, this must be contained!

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Sends in quarantine team.

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