Suggestion for planets

here is a suggestion when we complete all missions of a certain planet we get some keys as a reward for completing all of the missions like

like my comment if u agree! :heart:


This topic should be on #ideas category not #early-access category since it’s an idea, and I like the idea btw.

oh sorry my bad i thought i selected ideas can i delete my post?

No but you can recategorize it.

thanks dude already did

I forgot to mention @InterAction_studios so yeah take a look guys​:heart::grin: much love🤷

You can change idea to early access by clicking here

And Mustafa, you’re a new player?

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yes I’m new

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I guess it could be worth if every planet has more than 1 mission. (because right now there are many planet which has only 1 mission in it.)

Maybe it could be only for the star systems which has from 1 to 3 planets only for example.

Instead of making lots of exception list, why not just add more missions? I think it’s easier that way.


I like planets with one missions It makes me conquer them easily so I could never go back to them ever again

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