Suggestion for a tier-based progression/unlock system

So a while ago I mentioned something regarding a progression system. It didn’t really attract any attention so I decided to make a new post dedicated to it.

I’m just going to paste in what I originally said in the other thread.

Whether a system like this would be added or not, I’d still like to see some unlocks for reaching certain tiers.

Tomorrow I’ll post a satellite idea which I think would fit rather well as a sort of prestige unlock (as it would probably be deemed way too overpowered or perhaps even pay to win, if it were purchasable with keys and not restricted in any other way).

Now, I don’t want to ſay anything ſpecifically about your idea, but oftentimes when an idea doeſn’t attract much attention it’s becauſe it ſucks. In your caſe, I think it was probably partly alſo becauſe you originally poſted it at the end of a thread, not in your own topic, but juſt as a general rule, pleaſe don’t repeat the ſame ideas in the hopes that people will appreciäte them more the fifth time round.

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I hate prestige systems. If IA adds a prestige system. That means this game has no difference from a clicker game. IN my opinion, tier system is OK.


The rewards are just too small to be worth the effort, and getting handicaps would make progression back at normal or even slower speed . Unless of course the rewards are op, which at that point discentivize experimantation and variety. I am opposed to this idea.