Suggestion about Coolant Canister

Hey there folks, what do y’all think about increasing the Cooliant Canister cost from 4 to 5 or more keys? 4 keys is a bit too cheap, and in my opinion overheating isn’t that much of a problem. But I’m not the only CIU player, so you should share your opinion as well :wink:


Yes, I agree


I don’t use it so I can’t judge it too much, but sure. It is not worth just 4 keys per unit.


I don’t really have any opinion on this, cool to see it either way depending on how the community feels. Like Grant (if that even is your real name), I don’t really use it much myself.

Only thing I will say is that the more time we spend adjusting prices by literally one key, the less time we spend getting the actually significant changes added. Makes sense to me to have the infrastructure first and then “balance” from there, because otherwise new factors could change the relative value of things.


Let’s not exaggerate it that much. Changing this value shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds. If it’s more than that then I feel sorry for IA and their source code.


I will say yes, it needs a cost buff.


That’s fair, but again, these are the things people will change their minds on over and over once we get new mechanics and content that actually affects stuff. I don’t think the game is in a place where its ready for such small changes because those changes are still vulnerable to impact.


I don’t care much, but yes Coolant Canister’s price is too cheep

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Changed in v.42 . Let’s see how it goes.
:medal_sports: Idea


Thanks, iA

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