Street vendor or food place

I have an idea, which is that there is a place or a street vendor that leads to food, for example, he leads lives with 2,000 food, weapons, or even ships


But technically you can sell food at a Space Burger for keys, then spend those keys on lives, weapons, spacecrafts, etc. A ‘‘street vendor’’ that sells those items for (a small amount of) food would be too OP when it comes to obtaining useful items for your journey.

For example, if you get a Legendary M408 by selling (a little bit of) food at a ‘‘street vendor’’, wouldn’t that make the game way too easy for you? This game is about several things, one of those things is called dedication. It means players spend a lot of time playing the game to earn their keys and spend them on the desired items. That also includes the time people like me spend to inspect every Heroware for the uncommon/rare/legendary items. In other words, adding your idea to the game would drastically reduce the dedication, making the game effortless and therefore less fun.


It is not difficult to go to heroware and the prices are high in version 103 and as I added Shadi Diller, you can add the street food vendor and the Shady Diller did not sway the ban of the game, but anyone who meets Shady Diller takes the opportunity … If the street food vendor is boring, the Shadi Diller is boring and this is wrong


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